12 Lessons

What is Scoop?

Scoop is a case management system module within the Blink Enterprise platform.

Scoop helps to manage the processing of enforcement cases (such as a PCN) issued under any rule-set. This is done through definable workflows, using dynamic-templates. 

Scoop allows management of appeals and correspondence with the motorist. Everything is logged in an audit trail with the ability to preview attached documents.

Key areas

In this course you will cover all areas of Park & Go, including:

  • Enquiries
  • Challenges
  • Payments
  • PCNs
  • Contacts
  • Print Queue
  • Printer Management
  • Cancellations
  • Patrolla
  • Imports & Exports

Course format

The course consists of different lessons containing topics that cover areas within Scoop in more detail.

You will learn how to:

  • View and manage appeal / challenges
  • View and manage PCNs
  • Manage enquiries
  • View and manage PCN payments
  • Manage cases
  • View Cancellations
  • Manage Patrolla
  • Import and export documents

Getting started

Start the course by clicking the enrol button above and navigate through the lessons below. Each lesson will instruct and guide you through.